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Reliable Building Restoration Company for Façade and Interior Repairs

Zero Defects offers top quality services which save you time and money. Our building restoration team has extensive experience with exterior restoration and interior repairs and delivers seamless results. No matter how complex the repairs, you can count on us to restore the performance and safety of your building.

Being a full-service building restoration company with specialists in façade restoration, structural rehabilitation and interior repairs saves you the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors. Rest assured that the materials used and workmanship provided by us is of the highest quality.


We also apply our expertise towards drawing up a customized repair and rehabilitation plan that meets your exact needs and budget. Being well-versed in building envelope engineering is an advantage as we can also advise you on ways to strengthen structure and enhance system efficiency.

Over the years, we have worked with a diverse range of property owners and boards, providing them with a full gamut of services to preserve and protect their investments. Our proactive approach and innovative solutions have helped them avoid major structural and building safety issues.

We Offer Cost-Effective Solutions and Tailored Services

We endeavour to accommodate your time and cost constraints by providing a suitable construction schedule to minimize disruption to daily activities and phase in restoration work wherever possible.

Zero Defects maintains the highest standards in all our building restoration work. Each project begins with a detailed scope and estimate. We also provide you with a full construction schedule and regular updates on our progress. We believe in open and honest communication at every stage and we are always willing to answer your questions. We have one of the best guarantees in the industry which demonstrates our confidence in our work quality. Should you need further assurance, we can also provide you with references from property owners and boards we have worked with.

Call Zero Defects at 416-398-9376 for a meeting to discuss your interior and exterior building restoration project.

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