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We Are Deeply Committed to Health and Safety

Quality, efficiency and safety are the foundations of our company. Zero Defects prides itself on maintaining the highest standards in every aspect of our service  including looking out for the health and safety of our clients, building occupants, our staff and the environment.


No matter what the scope of the job, we will never compromise the well-being of our clients or our building restoration team. Health and safety is as important to us as working efficiently to deliver a quality product on time and within budget.

We have a comprehensive health and safety policy which is followed diligently on every project.

  • All employees are familiarized with our company’s health and safety program when they join us.
  • We regularly review and update these guidelines to reflect changes in industry standards.
  • We provide adequate control of health and safety risks arising from our working activities.
  • We take proper safety precautions at worksites to protect building occupants from injury and property damage.
  • We ensure our staff members have the right training to perform the tasks assigned to them to ensure their health and safety is not at risk.
  • Our building restoration team is provided with appropriate safety equipment and clothing (where necessary) to ensure safe working conditions.
  • We support a balanced lifestyle for our staff.
  • We regularly consult with our staff on matters affecting their health and safety.

Zero Defects cares about the people we work with. We maintain safe and healthy working conditions to prevent accidents and work-related health issues. We do not take short cuts or engage in any activities that  endanger individuals on our job sites. We follow environmentally-friendly practices with a focus on sustainability.

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