Balcony Rehabilitation

Specialized Balcony Repair and Rehabilitation Services for Ontario Buildings

Zero Defects offers expert balcony rehabilitation services for residential, institutional and commercial buildings across Ontario. With in-depth experience gained from a variety of building restoration projects, we provide complete solutions that will improve your  building, increase its lifespan and enhance its appearance. We work closely with architects and engineers to ensure the best results.


Exposure to the elements and the age of your building can cause balconies to deteriorate. Water penetration, railing corrosion, cracks and weakened supports are some common problems you can expect to see. Timely attention improves structural integrity and safety. It also enhances building appearance and value significantly.

Ensuring that the project is completed  correctly is the key to preventing major issues and liabilities in the future. Hiring the right balcony repair company  makes all the difference.

Our building restoration experts will do a complete analysis of the structure to find the cause of the problems and deliver the right solution. We can also help you determine whether balcony repairs are enough or if a complete rehabilitation is required. With a deep understanding of  building envelope engineering, we provide expert repairs to  maintain the value of your investment.

Cost-Effective Balcony Repairs to Protect Building Structure

Material and workmanship quality is a major factor in successful balcony rehabilitation. With Zero Defects, you will have peace of mind knowing that we maintain the highest standards of quality in all our work. Rather than treating your job as a  single project, our aim is to make you a customer for life.

  • Does your balcony railing need to be replaced?
  • Are there cracks in the balcony floor?
  • Is concrete or mortar starting to crumble?
  • Are there noticeable wet patches on interior balcony walls?

These are all major safety concerns. Once a balcony starts to deteriorate, its condition will quickly worsen.

Give us the opportunity to present you a with a cost-effective balcony repair solution. Rehabilitation can be done in phases or all at once; it’s up to you. We will present a detailed cost estimate and a prioritized construction schedule to prevent any disruption of your daily activities.

Call Zero Defects at 416-398-9376 for a meeting to discuss your balcony repair or rehabilitation project.

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