Window Replacements

For Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Heritage Buildings

concrete-rehabilitation-1Window replacements by the building restoration experts at Zero Defects are done following industry best practices to ensure safe, efficient and flawless workmanship. We take into account aesthetics, energy efficiency and other considerations. Our customized services meet your budget and timeline requirements.

Our experience includes projects for replacing windows in high rise buildings, apartment complexes, heritage buildings, commercial centres, offices and institutions.

Do Your Windows Need Replacement?

  • Are there signs of water penetration around your windows?
  • Do rooms feel cold or drafty?
  • Are you looking to improve the energy efficiency of your residential or commercial building?
  • Want to change some fixed windows to operable ones?
  • Need greater security options?

You’ve come to the right place.  At Zero Defects, we look at all aspects that need to be addressed. Our building envelope engineering knowledge and restoration experience allow us to come up with innovative solutions to improve energy efficiency and indoor comfort.  If you have any waterproofing or exterior wall issues, we can also take care of those while replacing your windows.

Zero Defects only sources products known for their quality and performance. Our trained and experienced installers work with attention to detail leaving no room for error. You can count on us to protect your investment by delivering the best products and service.

Get a Detailed Assessment and Estimate from Building Restoration Experts

As a reputed building restoration company, Zero Defects assures you of the highest standards in customer service. Detailed estimates and careful scoping of work help to eliminate the risk of any hidden charges. We never resort to pushy sales or bait and switch tactics—we want your business for life.


All our window replacement projects begin with a complete assessment to determine the right solution and outline the steps involved. We keep you informed at every stage and work closely with engineers and architects when other renovations or repairs to your building are required.

Zero Defects has the capability to take on the most complex window replacement projects and complete them on time. We work safely and efficiently with minimum disruption to your daily schedule. Our scalable solutions deliver cost-effective options while ensuring that the quality of work is never compromised.

Call Zero Defects at 416-398-9376 for a meeting to discuss your window replacement needs.

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