Types of Exterior Wall Cladding

Exterior Wall Cladding On Commercial BuildingsIn order to selecting exterior wall cladding panels, you need to consider more than just aesthetics. Cladding materials must be appropriate for regional climate as well as conform to local bylaws. They must also contribute to energy efficiency and minimize maintenance efforts. There is also the challenge of balancing durability and appearance with your installation and maintenance budget. Our building restoration experts provide a quick guide to your exterior cladding options including cladding for housing and commercial buildings.

Types of Cladding Materials

  • Stone cladding: Comprised of thin layers of natural or simulated stone, this type of cladding can give your home or low-rise building an elegant, earthy look.
  • Metal cladding: Steel and aluminum are popular metal choices for large and small commercial buildings. Lightweight but strong and long lasting, a metal facade offers a sleek, modern look with a range of colour options to suit your design requirements.
  • Brick cladding: Lightweight as well as a good insulation, brick cladding is easy to work with and does not require much maintenance. A range of colours also allows you to create interesting patterns and looks for your home or commercial property.
  • Fibre-cement cladding: Although it looks like wood, this cladding is made of compressed sheets of cement, sand and cellular fibre. Lighter and easier to install than wood, it also requires less maintenance.
  • Vinyl cladding: Economical, easy-to-maintain vinyl cladding comes in many colors and looks great on all kinds of structures. Insulation can also be added easily.
  • Timber cladding: Available as panels, shingles or horizontal boards, timber is a natural insulator and an environmentally-friendly option.
  • Weatherboard cladding: Typically made from reconstituted hardwood or timber, weatherboard can be painted or stained to match your colour preference. Easily fixed to an underlying material such as brick or fibre cement, it does require regular maintenance.
  • Stucco: A manufactured product comprising of lime, silica sand and white cement, stucco exteriors can last for 50 years or more. Custom colours offer an aesthetic advantage.

Cladding for Houses

Exterior Wall CladdingIt is a good idea to research the cost, durability and maintenance of your exterior cladding options before selecting a product for your building façade. From the aesthetics point of view, wood, brick and stone offer a distinctive look. Vinyl and fibre-cement, on the other hand, are more budget-friendly and can cost up to 25% less than the earlier mentioned materials. Many homeowners nowadays combine two types of cladding materials for enhanced curb appeal.

Exterior Wall Cladding Panels for Commercial Buildings

Aesthetics aside, performance and durability should be the main considerations while selecting exterior wall cladding for commercial buildings. Metal (copper, zinc, galvanized or stainless steel) rain screen systems are a popular choice. High-performance composite panels are also ideal for commercial and industrial buildings because of fast and economical installation and excellent acoustics. Frost-proof, low-maintenance cement cladding with a life expectancy of at least 40 years is another cost-effective choice.

External cladding is a critical line of defense against wind, water, sun and snow. Many building envelope problems can occur when cladding is compromised. Proper maintenance and timely repairs will help protect your investment. At Zero Defects, we offer the best quality materials, skilled workmanship and exceptional service. Every customer enjoys personalized service with a dedicated project manager to ensure timely and efficient project completion.

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