Best Time of Year to Conduct Masonry Repairs

Book Your Masonry Restoration Project at the Right Time

Repairing Brick Work on ChimneyWhether you have just noticed the crumbling mortar, or have been putting off masonry repairs for months now, you may be wondering what the best time of year is to have the work completed. Toronto sees all kinds of temperatures and weather conditions, and due to the external nature of most masonry work, these can have a big impact on restoration projects. Avoid delaying repairs, as small cracks can lead to bigger troubles in the future. Contact a trusted masonry contractor as soon as you notice signs of damage and they will be able to tell you the best time to schedule the work.

When to Book Your Masonry Restoration in Toronto

Here are some general guidelines to get the best results from your wall or Chimney Masonry Repairs:

  • Slow Season – If you have specific scheduling needs for your commercial or residential property, you may have the best luck booking your masonry contractor during the slower seasons. For the industry, this is usually during the summer months, from June to September. Brick suppliers tend to be stocked and on time during this season, so if your job is time-sensitive, consider booking then.
  • Ideal Conditions – Fall is the best time of year in terms of temperature and weather patterns. The moderate weather and minimal humidity is perfect for repairs. The limited rain and snowfall means that rebuilds and repairs can be left to dry in the sun without interruption or moisture problems.
  • Timing – It is a good idea to prepare your home, commercial building, or heritage site for the harshest time of year: winter. Damage can lead to inefficient heating and a long, drafty season ahead. Chimney repairs are especially important if you intend on warming up by the fire, so book your masonry contractor as soon as possible to have work completed before the first snowfall.
  • Planning Ahead – If you have had a professional mason assess your building and they have advised you that the work can be put off for budgeting reasons or other concerns, you may want to start planning ahead. The other time of year that is best suited to masonry repairs is right after winter comes to an end. The mercury starts to rise in Toronto, which lends itself to restorations. Note, however, that spring showers and rainy conditions can sometimes lead to a more complicated and lengthy project.

Plastering A WallNotice signs of damage to your building structure, or want to get your chimney in working order before winter? Contact Zero Defects for your masonry work. Our qualified team of professionals provides service for all kinds of materials and structures. From chimney masonry repairs to interior restoration, we are dedicated to finding efficient, safe, and beautiful solutions for your property’s restoration.

Contact Zero Defects for a consultation or to book your masonry repairs this season. Contact us today or Request a Free Estimate to restore the structure of your building.

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