How our Concrete Restoration Specialists can help you

Concrete is an extremely strong and resilient material that can last for decades with proper maintenance and care. However, over time due to certain degrading factors like heat, rain etc; even concrete structures and surfaces show wear and tear or in some cases develop cracks; requiring professional intervention to restore them to their original state or improve them. The people called upon to restore concrete structures and surfaces are known as concrete restoration specialists who take a good stock of the condition of the structure and then decide on the extent and method of restoration to return the structure to its original glory.

Zero Defects concrete restoration specialists work on everything from small and medium to large projects. They place a high value on customer satisfaction and delivery of quality work that will stand the test of time.

As concrete is versatile, it is used in constructing buildings, driveways, patios etc. along with other small and big applications like a concrete bench or a fireplace. Generally, concrete surfaces or structures show superficial signs which indicate that it needs restoration. However, sometimes the signs might not be apparent and will take a professional to detect it.

Some common signs which indicate the need for concrete restoration specialists are:

Cracks in walls
High radon levels
Cracks in driveways

Types of concrete restoration:

Outer building repairs: This type of restoration involves structural repairs and replacing worn-out or damaged segments. The outer structures in any building are constantly exposed to environmental factors and might also suffer from seeping of water which compromises its structural stability. Hence, in this type of restoration, the restoration specialists stabilize the outer structure and the framework holding the structure to the building and then replace the surface with a new coat of concrete.

A Worker Working With Concrete

Polymer modified concrete mortar: Traditional mortar when reinforced with plasticizers is known as polymer modified concrete mortar. It is used to enhance the durability of normal mortar. Polymer modified concrete mortar has many benefits including increasing the workability time of traditional mortar, enhancing adhesion and resistance to chemicals, improving workability in heat, enhancing the strength and durability of normal concrete etc.

Concrete Demolition: When any concrete surface or structure becomes unsalvageable, then concrete demolition is required. It is used to remove any damaged or unneeded part of a concrete structure and is usually accomplished by using pneumatic machines like a jackhammer.

Parking structure repairs: This type of concrete restoration usually deals with resurfacing or replacing the parking deck as well as restoring the damage to overhead structures made of concrete. Parking lots made out of concrete generally require restoration due to problems like infiltration of water as well as exposure to varying temperatures due to heat and snow.

Traffic Coatings: Heavily used areas like roads or factory floors where pedestrians, vehicles, and machines constantly cause wear and tear on concrete surfaces can be protected by a layer of concrete coating. Made from an epoxy base, these coatings don’t allow moisture and other damaging materials to penetrate the surface by sealing it.

A Group of Workers Providing a Traffic Coating

Cementitious coatings: Used as a coating on concrete or steel surface during their construction, cementitious coatings made from portland cement and a perlite or a vermiculite premix provides a fire resistant coating.

Facade repairs: Aimed at repairing and restoring the damaged parts on the surface of a structure, facade repairs are more detailed oriented than other restorations as the material used for restoration has to match the details and colors of the original structure.

Concrete sealing: Concrete sealing aims to protect a concrete structure by sealing off the pores normally found on concrete surfaces to prevent the ill-effects of moisture and other damaging materials like oils, caustic salts, gasoline etc.

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