Make a Good First Impression: How to Enhance Curb Appeal for Your Commercial Property

Appearances Count for Your Business Building

Modern Office Building With CladdingThe exterior envelope of your building is not only a crucial functional component for the insulation and stability of your living space. It also functions as an aesthetic entry point, first impression, and offers passersby a quick assessment of the curb appeal of your property. Those associations can extend beyond your physical location and impact the way that clients and the public at large consider your business. Operations big and small alike need to take the exterior of their buildings into consideration in order to find the most success in their operations.

Add Value to Your Commercial Property with these Useful Tips

Consider these steps to make the most of your exterior enhancements, restorations, or construction work in Toronto:

  • Assessment – Before you map out the plans for changes to make your building more beautiful, functional, and welcoming, you will need to have a condition assessment performed by a qualified professional. Work with the experts in order to determine what is possible and what the best solutions are for external deterioration, safety concerns, and structural changes. You want to make changes that are gorgeous and long-lasting, so don’t skip this crucial step.
  • Budget – Every project has a price associated with it, so determining the realities of the cash flow required for the type of exterior repairs you want completed is necessary. Consider an ongoing assessment to invest your money wisely and get a more precise and detailed idea of exactly how much the work will cost. Not interested in repairs? You may still require an external wall assessment and you can receive a quote for a necessary cash reserve that should be accessible for the stability and safety of the building.
  • Maintenance for Cladding – Whether you want to keep existing external finishes or work with a new architectural style, cladding is a crucial and high-impact part of your property. Brickwork, glazing panels, metal siding, wood, exterior drywall, precast concrete, and many other materials can be used for the Exterior Wall Cladding on your building. Different maintenance is required for each material, so if you are making a change or looking to make your existing finish last, learn more about the steps necessary and get regular repairs completed.
  • Concrete Repairs – As durable as it is, concrete is not maintenance free. Most commercial properties feature some element of exposed concrete. With variable weather patterns and drastic temperature changes in Toronto, concrete will shrink and expand significantly over the course of a year. Repairs are necessary and should be completed regularly to avoid damage and extend the life of exposed areas. 

Exterior Warehouse Wall CladdingContact Heritage Restoration Professionals in Toronto at Zero Defects. We can make your modern or historical commercial space represent the best your business has to offer. Enjoy our personalized service and knowledgeable advice to get the most from your restoration work or new exterior finishes. Contact Zero Defects for a no-obligation consultation or schedule your building restoration today. Contact us to learn more or Request a Free Estimate.

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