Is Window Replacement Possible During the Winter?

Tips for Successful Window Installations in Toronto During the Winter

Commercial Building Window Installation During WinterMost people don’t look at winter as the ideal time of year for window replacements. Frigid temperatures, weather factors that can make the task more difficult, and excessive heating bills can make it an unappealing time of year to have Window Replacement Services completed. If you take a different approach and make a few preparations, however, there are actually advantages associated with changing windows in the winter.

Read below to find out how you could benefit from an installation in the cold and what considerations need to be made. If you require window replacements for your building but aren’t sure how to best proceed, let the team at Zero Defects walk you through a no-obligation consultation and provide advice backed by years of experience.

Special Considerations to Make for Winter Window Replacements

Here’s what you need to know about taking advantage of the unique benefits of winter window work and preparing for the distinct challenges of this seasonal undertaking:

  • Time Considerations – If speed is your first priority, having window replacement completed during the winter is not the most efficient option. To maximize attention to detail and minimize the cost of heating bills, windows are replaced one at a time. That means the job will take significantly longer than projects of a similar scope that are done during the warmer months of the year. You won’t have a terribly uncomfortable living space with this approach though, and you will enjoy the extra care given to each individual window.
  • Know the Limits – Generally speaking, cold weather window replacements can be made in temperatures that drop as low as -20 degrees Celsius. Every company will have their own standards and regulations, but don’t count out the fall or even milder winter months if you need replacements.
  • Skip the Bay Window – Technology has made vinyl window components resistant to cold temperatures, but for installation, the dropping mercury can make working with this material more difficult. Bay windows and bow window replacements are not advised in the cold temperatures since the precise cuts necessary for a clean installation can be compromised by the weather.

Window Replacement During The WinterIf you require window replacements in Toronto, consider a winter repair schedule. Work with Heritage Restoration Experts to ensure your new windows perfectly align with your existing finishes and architectural details that define your heritage building. The professionals at Zero Defects offer a team of resilient window installation technicians who can get the job done in cold weather conditions. We work with you to accommodate unpredictable weather patterns and varying temperatures. Our priority is getting the job completed with thorough detail and adherence to the project plan and budget. We provide dedicated service to accommodate any necessary changes. With focus on safety and beautiful results, you can rely on us to complete your window replacement as efficiently as possible.

Contact Zero Defects to book your window replacement services or receive a free, no-obligation consultation for your building restoration work. Contact us today to learn more or Request a Free Estimate.

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