Masonry Repairs after the Canadian Winter

Keeping your building well-maintained with proper masonry repairs after a harsh Canadian winter will help optimize its value, assets and lifespan. The extreme cold and freeze-thaw cycles can be quite damaging to properties in Toronto. It is important to inspect your building envelope for any signs of damage when the weather warms up and get them fixed as soon as possible. Our concrete restoration experts explain the effects of winter on building facades below.

How Winter Affects Masonry

Masonry Repairs On Stone Chimney

  • Freeze-thaw cycles: While winters in Toronto might be drier than other parts of the country, the freeze-thaw cycles can cause major deterioration in the masonry. The constant expansion and contraction of any water that may have infiltrated your walls on account of failing mortar joints will eventually cause the surface to peel, pop out or flake off.

    Proactively identifying joint failure and repointing them can help you save money and prevent major masonry damage. Repointing involves removing and replacing the mortar with fresh cement of similar strength and colour. Neglecting to do this can lead to wall collapse.

  • De-icers: Crystallization of the salts found in many de-icing products can cause severe deterioration of cement, stone and masonry. When snow and ice melts, the salts used in de-icers become soluble. The water enters through the pores of the stone and masonry at the bottom of the building, carrying the salts with it. When it evaporates, the salts re-crystallize creating an ugly white stain. The pressure created by this subflorescence process causes the surface to spall or flake off.

    Timely masonry repairs and using sand or de-icers without damaging salts can help preserve your building from further damage.

Typical Signs of Masonry Damage

We recommend doing a visual inspection of your masonry work after winter. Some signs of damage to look for are:

  • Spalled or crumbling brick
  • Loose, displaced or missing bricks
  • Cracks in the bricks
  • Cracks in the mortar
  • Degraded mortar joints
  • Water ingress—due to concrete slab and balcony waterproof membrane failures, and poor detailing of window and door openings

Masonry Repairs On Toronto ChimneyFinding the right company to do your masonry repairs in Toronto is key to cost-efficient maintenance. Our team at Zero Defects works quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption to your daily schedule. With exceptional project planning and trouble shooting skills, we are able complete complicated repair and restoration projects on time and within budget. From Exterior Wall Cladding to Concrete Restoration and Balcony Rehabilitation, we offer you the many benefits of having one reliable, building restorations company manage all of your needs.

For a full-range of solutions and cost-effective repairs, contact the Masonry Repair Experts in Toronto.

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