Prevent Pipes from Freezing this Winter in Toronto

Avoid Water Damage Repair Expenses

Water Pipe LeakingRegardless of the age of your property, you need to take some simple steps to prevent freezing pipes. Toronto winters are renowned for their extreme and turbulent weather patterns and pipes throughout your building may be vulnerable to damage from freezing and expanding water. If you face issues with water damage and frozen pipes, work with professionals who can offer Fire and Water Restoration services and limit the progression of problems with mould or other deeper damage.

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a common problem that is often avoidable. Consider these useful tips to avoid an inconvenient and destructive encounter with pipes freezing this season:

  • Placement – If you are in the building phase, performing restorations, or renovating, be sure to place pipes in heated areas of your building. Freezing can be prevented by limiting or eliminating heat transfer. Work with your contractor to see if changes and forward-thinking design solutions can be explored to limit the risk of frozen pipelines.
  • Insulation – No plans to renovate, live in a heritage building, or simply prefer the current position of pipes on your property? There are other steps you can take to avoid water damage without making drastic changes. Start by identifying pipes that are vulnerable to freezing. Look for those that are located close to the outdoors, near exterior walls or in colder areas like garages, stairwells, and other functional, less livable zones. Insulate all the pipes that are particularly at risk. Get in the habit of opening cabinets in order to let warm air reach pipes under sinks, especially during frigid periods where there is a severe drop in the temperature.
  • External Repairs – Take a look at the exterior of your home or commercial property to identify weak spots and deal with vulnerable areas. If you can, do this before the worst of the weather arrives. Any cracks, holes, or weakened areas should be properly sealed or restored to create as much of a barrier as possible between chilled air and temperate pipes. Some Waterproofing work can go a long way in limiting damage that does occur and keeping the effects of flash freezing and thawing at bay.

Water Main Pipe LeakingIf you face an unfortunate encounter with frozen pipes this year, work with Heritage Restoration Professionals in Toronto to quickly counteract the effects of the damage. The team at Zero Defects has experience dealing with water damage, Mould Remediation, and repairs that maintain the structural integrity, historical value, or modern aesthetic of your building. We can recommend necessary measures to avoid problems in the future and offer restoration work that extends beyond damage control. Turn to us for proactive maintenance work and consistent, quality results. We pride ourselves on offering each client and building with personal attention that ensures your job comes in on time, on budget, and meets your vision for a functional and beautifully restored space.

Contact Zero Defects today to schedule your no-obligation consultation or book your water damage services or building restoration. Contact us to learn more or Request a Free Estimate.

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