How Property Managers Can Benefit From Our Building Restoration Services

Building Restoration Services In TorontoProperty managers have a dual responsibility to their landlords—to handle tenant requirements as well as ensure that the residential, commercial or institutional building is well-maintained. Building maintenance is critical as it impacts tenant satisfaction and property value. It is also an important consideration for landlords to decide whether or not they will retain your services for property management. However, balancing regular upkeep and much-needed repairs within the available budget can be a tough job.

Some property managers mistakenly believe that working with an in-house repair contractor is the most cost-effective solution. Here are some eye-opening reasons why should avoid this method and instead, hire professionals for building maintenance and repairs.

How Some Property Managers Work with Contractors

Many landlords avoid property managers who offer in-house building maintenance and repair services. Here are 5 reasons why.

  1. Shoddy work: Having a “jack-of-all-trades” and “master-of-none” type of contractor manage your masonry work, HVAC repairs, plumbing, roofing work, etc. is likely to result in quality issues and frequent repairs.
  2. Overcharging: Property managers that provide in-house repair facilities usually charge landlords higher rates.
  3. Constant repairs: Since more repairs mean more money, property management services are inclined to identify more work. 
  4. No warranties: In-house repair staff is unlikely to provide any warranties on their work. This means being charged over and over for fixes resulting from poor quality materials or workmanship that are the responsibility of the building restoration contractor.
  5. Lack of choice: Being forced to work with just one contractor means you cannot shop around for better pricing or service.

Finding a reliable building restoration company to manage your interior and exterior repair work is key to satisfying your tenants and landlord.  At Zero Defects, our team is well-known for their diligence in meeting client specifications, timelines and budget. You can trust us to do what is best for you.

5 Advantages that Property Managers Working with Zero Defects Enjoy

Property Managers Speaking About Building Restoration

  • High quality work: As our name suggests, we are committed to doing flawless work.
  • Full range of services: From Masonry Repairs to Window Replacements, Underground Garage Repair and Balcony Rehabilitation, we cover all your needs.
  • Cost-efficient solutions: Being both practical and flexible, our building repair specialists offer customized plans to help you budget for repairs.
  • Save time and money: As a single source for your structural repairs, façade restorations and interior repairs, we save you time and money without cutting corners.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee assures you of quality work and service.

For cost-effective interior and exterior repairs, contact our Concrete Restoration Specialists. Hundreds of Property Managers in Toronto rely on our smart solutions to reduce repair costs. 

Get in touch with the team at Zero Defects today to schedule your no-obligation consultation or book your building restoration project with us. Contact us to learn more or to Request a Free Estimate.

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