Don’t Delay: 3 Reasons It Is Crucial to Deal with Water Ingress and Rot Immediately

Have Basement Waterproofing Completed After Water Damage Repairs to Protect Your Building

Basement Waterproofing ServicesIf you notice water coming through the wall when it rains, it is not something to take lightly. Beyond the immediate inconvenience, the unwanted water can lead to major structural issues, expenses, and irreversible damage in the future. Don’t consider it a problem to deal with another day and instead take action as soon as possible. Work with water damage repair experts to tackle any existing decay or deterioration and contract Waterproofing Services for Basement Walls or other areas of your home to limit issues going forward.

What Is Water Ingress and What Causes It?

Water plays a huge role in making your home functional, comfortable, and livable… as long as it stays in the right places! It is very common to have unwanted water enter your living space. This is known as water ingress.

Common causes include:

  • Flooding
  • Improperly sealed surfaces
  • Deteriorating building envelope
  • Leaks

Why Is Immediate Action Important?

Some home maintenance and repairs can wait until there is room in the budget or more time on the calendar. Water ingress is not one of those jobs. If left to fester and progress, it can blow your entire maintenance budget and lead to an extended project.

Here are three reasons to get professional assistance and fix the issue right away:

  1. Immediate Problems: Water takes very little time to cause damage once it has found its way inside. Floors, walls, finishes, furniture, and textiles (such as carpets, upholstery and drapes) will all be impacted in different ways. The impact becomes worse when the water and moisture is left to sit and build up, and can often lead to rot. Strange odours, harmful bacteria, and other issues can develop and even cause health problems for adults, children, and pets.
  2. Invisible Damage: Without the help of a professional, you may not know for weeks or months what deeper damage has occurred from the presence of water. Water can begin to collect, lead to Mould or Mildew and impact air quality, or cause structural damage that is undetectable to the untrained eye. Enlist the help of Water Damage Repair experts with experience and the tools to determine what damage the water ingress has caused.
  3. Savings: The sooner you take preventative measures, the less expensive and demanding the work will be. Save yourself money and time when you handle the issue with speed and efficiency. Work with a restoration company that shares these values and has a portfolio that includes Building Envelope Repairs, waterproofing services, and water damage rehabilitation.

Exterior Basement WaterproofingDeal with water ingress as soon as you notice it. Zero Defects provides custom services and advice based on years of experience. Turn to us for whole home waterproofing and repairs in Toronto and across Ontario.

Contact Zero Defects today to book your no-obligation consultation or receive water damage repairs. Contact us to learn more or Request a Free Estimate.

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