What Do Underground Garage Rehabilitations Entail

Garage Rehabilitation Experts in TorontoConcrete deterioration is one of the most common reasons for garage rehabilitation. With time, the stress of daily traffic and remnants of salt and water from vehicles are likely to damage the concrete slabs causing cracks in the floor and corrosion of steel reinforcements. Water seepage and joint leaks also add stress on the concrete. With underground parking being a critical part of the building’s load bearing structure, timely garage concrete floor repair is important to avoid major structural issues. As experienced garage concrete floor contractors, we have explained some common problems that need immediate attention.

Common Problems with Garage Concrete Floors

Daily exposure to deteriorating factors can cause a variety of garage floor issues ranging from spalling to cracks. Some common problems with concrete garage floors we have seen and fixed include:

  • Spalling (surface peeling or flaking)
  • Cracking
  • Surface scaling
  • Leaking
  • Carbonation
  • Joint corrosion and deterioration
  • Worn out waterproofing

We are an established building restoration company in Toronto and can help you with garage floor repair.

Creating an Underground Garage Rehabilitation Plan

What Do Underground Garage Rehabilitations EntailA reliable garage concrete floor contractor will do a detailed inspection to determine extent of damage and create a customized restoration plan to resolve your issues. Flooring repairs can range from simple crack injection and painting to reinforcing expansion joints, replacing waterproofing, and more complex slab replacement.

As garage rehabilitation specialists, the team at Zero Defects offers comprehensive services to restore and protect your building structure. Our expertise includes both underground parking as well as above-ground parkades. From assessments and designs to repair and restoration, we take care of your needs. Drainage improvements can also be included in your rehabilitation plans to improve performance and the lifespan of your new waterproofing.

Multi-dwelling and commercial property owners and managers rely on us for cost-effective solutions. Rehabilitation plans can be implemented in phases or all at once, depending on your budget and time. Whether you need concrete repair, slab replacement, ramps, columns, or walls and waterproofing systems; we will prioritize repairs accordingly. All work is done following stringent safety protocol and with the least disruption to building use and your daily activities.

For lasting garage concrete floor repair, structural rehabilitation, slab and expansion joint replacement, railing and waterproofing repair, contact the garage rehabilitation experts in Toronto.

Get in touch with the team at Zero Defects today to schedule your no-obligation consultation or book your garage concrete floor repair project with us. Contact us to learn more or to request a free estimate.

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