Underground Parking Garage Rehabilitation

A Critical Component of Building Restoration Services

Underground Parking Garage RehabilitationThe parking garage underneath your building is a crucial part of your property. The space is highly functional, lucrative, and structurally important. Maintaining or repairing the area should not be overlooked in your plans for maintenance or restoration of your building. Improving the condition of your garage may be as easy as concrete repairs or as extensive as structural Garage Restoration. No matter the case, the team at Zero Defects can handle the task with confidence, ease, and a customized project management plan.

If you require parking garage rehabilitation, you may be curious about how the process works.

Here are the usual steps to begin garage repairs:

  • Analysis: The current situation and state of the existing surfaces throughout the underground space will be assessed in order to determine the best plan of action. Long-term, affordable, and durable results are what we aim for, and our inspection provides a thorough overview of the space. From structural stability to aesthetic longevity, our experienced team knows what to look for when providing an assessment and recommendation.
  • Investigation of Damage: The common culprit of deterioration is corrosion to the steel that is used to reinforce concrete. Before proceeding, extensive tests are run to get a full picture of the concrete strengths, weaknesses, and underlying causes of problems. A chain drag technique is a non-destructive method used to get a comprehensive understanding of the lot. Electrical, fire protection, mechanical, and plumbing are all considered and included in this investigation. If your property has any particular additional considerations, these can be included before a final plan is set in motion. Future plans, budget, requirements, and timelines will all be outlined in detail.
  • Restoration Work: Once a customized plan is determined and agreed upon, work can begin by our fully licensed, bonded, and insured team. With a diverse portfolio and years of experience, we are prepared to handle the functional engineering requirements for your project while keeping the garage space attractive. Work is completed quickly and with attention to durability and integrity of the structure. Our project managers work closely with you to keep you up-to-date on progress.
Common reasons that parking garage rehabilitation is required include:

  • Concrete repairs or slab replacement
  • Trouble with expansion joints
  • Painting and other design enhancements
  • Waterproofing and membranes
  • Repairs and replacements to ramps
  • Injection or seals for cracks, chips, and breaks

Parking Garage RehabilitationFor smooth, steady, and reliable structural garage repair services, contact the experienced team at Zero Defects. We offer personal advice and a skilled team to restore, repair, and reinforce your parking garage and the rest of your building.

Get in touch with the team at Zero Defects today to schedule your no-obligation consultation or book your parking garage rehabilitation project with us. Contact us to learn more or to Request a Free Estimate.

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