What to do If Your Chimney is Crumbling

Worker Fixing Chimney MortarTimely chimney masonry repair helps prevent the structure from further deterioration. If you have noticed chips, cracks, or worn out mortar, you must try to get it fixed right away. Small cracks will lead to bigger ones which affect the structural integrity of the chimney and may also compromise the safe operation of your fireplace. Before you start looking for chimney repair companies, it will help you to understand 3 important aspects of restoration and replacement.

Chimney Mortar Repair

The position of your chimney exposes the mortar and structure to more weathering than other parts of the building. Mortar repair is the first line of defense against a crumbling chimney and more cost-effective than full chimney or crown replacement. It prevents water infiltration, spalling bricks and interior damage.

Chimney Crown Repair

Chimneys are usually capped with a mortar crown which prevents water from getting into a house or building from behind the bricks and flue. Normal expansion and contraction cycles over the years can cause cracks. Ignoring the problem will result in bricks spalling and eventually falling out because of moisture and water ruining the structure. It may also result in damage to the chimney damper, smoke chamber and fireplace. Replacing mortar and applying a good quality flexible elastomeric coating to seal the crown can save you the unnecessary expense, effort and stress of major chimney crown repair. Keep in mind that a badly damaged crown will eventually destroy your chimney, so you must get the job done in time.

Chimney Crown Replacement

Crumbling Chimney Crown ReplacementIf the chimney cap or top plate is badly cracked or damaged, it will need to be replaced. Crown replacement extends the lifespan of your chimney. Aside from visible cracks, falling flue tiles, a rusted damper or firebox, damaged interior walls and spalling bricks are signs that your chimney crown should be replaced. Also, the cost of chimney crown replacements is much less when compared to fixing all the problems that neglect can cause.

Hiring professional chimney repair companies reduces the risk of further structural damage and fire. No matter how badly damaged the crown or chimney, the team at Zero Defects can restore structural integrity and safe operation. We work quickly and safely with minimum disruption to your schedule. Our extensive experience with all surfaces including brick, stone and concrete will help prevent major water damage and water penetration to building structures and interiors.

To guarantee your job is done right, contact the chimney Masonry Repair Experts in Toronto.

Get in touch with the team at Zero Defects today to schedule your no-obligation consultation or book your building restoration project with us. Contact us to learn more or to Request a Free Estimate.

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