Why Waterproofing is Crucial for Commercial Buildings

3 Ways Waterproofing Can Help You Avoid Water Damage

Workers Waterproofing Commercial BuildingToronto is not considered a city that gets a lot of year-round rainfall, especially when compared to west coast cities. Still, we get our fair share of rain, sleet, snow, melt, and every other type of weather. For that reason, being prepared for wet and dry days is crucial to avoid property damage. Waterproofing processes are important to maintain the value of your commercial building, avoid health risks from moisture buildup, and minimize the expenses associated with water damage restoration services. Reliable waterproofing can provide protection from leaks, mould, mildew, and interior damages.

With minimal disruption to your business operations, Zero Defects can provide a full waterproofing solution. We offer a detailed inspection, a recommendation based on experience, and can provide waterproofing for a variety of structures and building types. Our knowledgeable staff has extensive understanding of building envelopes and can customize a waterproofing solution for your property.

3 Reasons Commercial Waterproofing is Important

If you are not sure why waterproofing is so critical, consider these reasons to have your commercial property attended to:

  1. Damage and Decay – Equipment, interiors, and finishes can all be damaged by the presence of unwanted water. Warped furniture, rotting floor boards, and concrete deformation can all be caused by water that finds its way in without the proper barriers in place. Spend money on preventative measures to save money on damages and repairs.
  2. Comfort – Moisture can also impact ventilation systems, leading to a stuffy space, poor air quality, and changes in temperature. HVAC systems may be impacted by damp spaces where air and water can transfer in and out of the space with limited control. The result? An uncomfortable environment to spend time in, let alone welcome clients or get productive work completed.
  3. Safety – Moisture problems can also lead to health risks and exposure to mould, fungus, and microbes. It does not take long for mould to develop, so dealing with leaks and pooling water with preventative measures at the first sign of trouble is very important. Below the surface, structural changes can also occur. Toronto’s turbulent and variant weather patterns mean that strong downpours, quick freezes, and thaws can all happen within a short period of time. Shrinking and expanding frozen water can lead to foundational problems and weaken the structural integrity of your building.

It is never too late to put the correct waterproofing in place. While it is ideal to have it installed during initial construction, maintenance, or renovations, these technologies can also be retrofitted onto your building envelope at any time. The team at Zero Defects is here to provide you with waterproofing and water damage restoration services in Toronto and the rest of Ontario. With years of experience and dedication to the unique characteristics and considerations for every individual project, we combine our experience with tailored results for your property.

Whether you have noticed signs of water damage or would like to improve the overall structure, longevity, and value of your commercial building, contact Zero Defects. We can ensure your building is correctly waterproofed to your standards and will provide suitable repair solutions for existing damage.

Schedule commercial waterproofing services in Toronto and Ontario. Contact us today or Request a Free Estimate to find out more about water damage restoration.

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